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OR-360 rotator noise reduction

Quoting Anthony Monteiro <aa2tx@comcast.net>:

> At 07:00 PM 11/16/2005 -0500, Michael Tondee wrote:
> >Hi Terry,
> >I've got Satscape as well as Nova loaded up too. I'm looking at all of 
> >them. Nova requires an add on radio tuning program for doppler and neither 
> >Nova nor Satscape have the ability to enter rotor coordinates manually 
> >that I can tell. I need this feature because I would like to possibly use 
> >my sat antennas for terrestrial work as well and the SaebreTrack interface 
> >that I plan on building has no provision for manual control of my Orbit 
> >OR-360 TV rototators. I could add manual control to the box but it 
> >complicates matters as far as  the software that runs the tracking box 
> >displaying Az/EL readings. Unfortunately I'm no programmer to figure it 
> >out. lol
> >73,
> >Michael, W4HIJ
> Hi Michael,
> For what it's worth, I am also using an Az/El system made
> from ORBIT-360 TV rotators.

Right now I'm using one of my OR-360 rotators as an AZ-only system. It has
sufficient power to turn my two beams, and seems to hold up nicely in the high
winds we have around here. However, it also produces some terrible RF hash
whenever it turns. Until this is fixed, my plans for an automated az-el system
are on hold.

Have others suffered this problem, and if so how is it solved? I assume a 0.1
mmfd capacitor across the motor leads would help, and perhaps an inductor in
series with the + lead as well. Or is it possible that the noise is coming from
the rotor controller?

Happily, I have the second rotor in the closet so I can try out my ideas on it
while still using the noisy one on the mast.

73, VE9QRP
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