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Re: off toppic -- multipath doppler??

At 10:53 PM 11/16/2005 -0500, KT2Q wrote:
>Sorry about the off topic question...
>While working a local station on two meter CW (about 12 miles away), we 
>noticed what seemes like multi-path with momentary "blips" of doppler shift 
>(about 100hz). This happens both ways.
>To the best of my knowledge, doppler is not associated with multi-path 
>unless the reflecting objects are in motion. The only things I can think of 
>is meteor or airplane scatter.
>Having worked meteor scatter on 2 meters before, the signal strength and 
>number of random meteors needed to match this situation seems unlikely.
>Airplane scatter seems possible, but it happens so often duing a QSO, there 
>would have to be a lot of them overhead, all the time :  ).
>So, is it possible for multi-path signals on 2 meters to show doppler 
>without being caused by something in motion? I have a recording of the 
>signal if anyone would like to hear it.
>73, Tony KT2Q


Where do you live?  Your callsign would suggest the congested East Coast of
the US.  It is most probably aircraft scatter...you might be surprised at
the density of air traffic overhead. 
Ed - KL7UW 
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