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off toppic -- multipath doppler??


Sorry about the off topic question...

While working a local station on two meter CW (about 12 miles away), we 
noticed what seemes like multi-path with momentary "blips" of doppler shift 
(about 100hz). This happens both ways.

To the best of my knowledge, doppler is not associated with multi-path 
unless the reflecting objects are in motion. The only things I can think of 
is meteor or airplane scatter.

Having worked meteor scatter on 2 meters before, the signal strength and 
number of random meteors needed to match this situation seems unlikely.

Airplane scatter seems possible, but it happens so often duing a QSO, there 
would have to be a lot of them overhead, all the time :  ).

So, is it possible for multi-path signals on 2 meters to show doppler 
without being caused by something in motion? I have a recording of the 
signal if anyone would like to hear it.


73, Tony KT2Q
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