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Re: SatPC32 maps question

At 07:00 PM 11/16/2005 -0500, Michael Tondee wrote:

>Hi Terry,
>I've got Satscape as well as Nova loaded up too. I'm looking at all of 
>them. Nova requires an add on radio tuning program for doppler and neither 
>Nova nor Satscape have the ability to enter rotor coordinates manually 
>that I can tell. I need this feature because I would like to possibly use 
>my sat antennas for terrestrial work as well and the SaebreTrack interface 
>that I plan on building has no provision for manual control of my Orbit 
>OR-360 TV rototators. I could add manual control to the box but it 
>complicates matters as far as  the software that runs the tracking box 
>displaying Az/EL readings. Unfortunately I'm no programmer to figure it 
>out. lol
>Michael, W4HIJ

Hi Michael,

For what it's worth, I am also using an Az/El system made
from ORBIT-360 TV rotators.

I designed a really cheap computer interface for them that
uses a single chip that costs $1.59. The interface works with
a standard PC parallel port and has been tested under Windows-95
and Windows-XP as well as all the older PC operating systems.

The software I wrote to control it meets the KCT interface
standard and I use it with InstantTrack. There is also a
manual control program so you can just type the coordinates
and it will set the antennas to point there.

I am currently working on an article but if you are interested,
let me know and I will send the info to you.

Tony AA2TX
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