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Re: ISS School Contact

KD5MSS wrote:

> Heard NA1SS calling for the school ( KC0JYV) but no answer......
> Bummer.  It was still worth taking an extended lunch break to listen in
> Back to work I guess......

Sorry to hear that.

I heard Bill quite well answering a number of questions using
an HT and a coat hanger ground plane antenna from East Central
New Jersey on a "skimmer" pass.

Six minutes into the pass I thought I lost him, but then the
packet bursts started up, so the QSO must have been over by that

Several people walked up to me to ask me what I was "measuring"
while I was holding up the HT and groundplane (It's a very windy day).
When I told them I was listening to the ISS, they couldn't believe it.
When they heard Bill come on the air talking about studying science
and math to become an astronaut a few seconds later, they knew I
wasn't kidding.

Timing's everything.  ;-)

73, de John, KD2BD

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