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Re: GO-32 on

On 15 Nov 2005 at 19:43, Jeff Griffin wrote:

>   I might be wrong about this, but as I'm the only one I see working GO-32 
> here goes. If you send a dir request up on the 145.890 uplink the bird turns 
> on? Give it a try....
> 73 Jeff kb2m

A past thread about digital VS voice modes clearly demonstrate that very few are wiling to operate on digital mode. It seems to be proven by facts but there is still numerous 
projects involving digital mode!. If it is for the few last experimenters it's OK but i still don't understand why more spaces is given to audio modes?

AO-40 was sending 24-7 data telemetry and i was watching the data stream a lot when the various band pass where closed but aside of the real functional data could be if an 
equal amount of voice channel on each cube sat can be available could be more activity can be triggered?

Just see how much activity has been present when ISS repeater was in operation. There is no need to attend the system as the packet one and this create a lot of activity. 
With PCSAT-2 we can hear a downlink in audio i guess this channel can be used also by others? It can be interesting to have this mode open also on a rotating sked as AO-51 
does! But i know there is limits on AMSAT USA powers they can named a satellite on their own choosen name with or without the owner concent and i you asked me if it is normal 
i will answer yes as it's the way to operate since many years. You can tell me this explanation is not enough just tell me why?

As usual it is only suggestions feel free to like it or not!  But as you can see as an AMSAT USA member i'm still suggesting new ideas easily feasible. I am still convince 
AMSAT USA  is open to new ideas but i'm could be wrong here if so i"m pretty sure corrections will flow...Just hope they will come from members... It will a good idea to put 
your AMSAT membership number when posting on AMSAT-BB i guess many of the degrading post came from non AMSAT-NA members... As i would not have to extend this kind of conduct 
at a larger scale. I prefer to believe it is only within us. Remain to define the word "us".

Just to pointed out there is restrictions regarding the AMSAT logo publication, but nothing regarding what is is written on AMSAT-BB.  Without accusing anyone of double 
standards we can at least have doubts here. We all know the concept of double standards is not a concept present in North America and even not present in our group. Don't 
mixed double prefix owner's here with double standards... :) It's not the same.

"It is not the class of license the amateur holds, but the class of the amateur that holds the license."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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