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RE: 2.4 GHz downlink

Hi Rob,

I haven't seen this on VS, but on AO-40's mode US I often had a problem with 
my uplink echoing off a tree that I sometimes had to shoot through.  The 
receive dish and 70cm uplink are inches from each other, but they never had 
a problem until they were pointed through the tree.  What sort of 
downconverter are you using?  What IF frequency?  If you are going up and 
down on 2 meters, that could be a problem.

Meanwhile, I worked two passes last night on AO-51.  First pass was very 
rough, weak signals, lots of fading.  But I managed to work Leo and Marc - 
W7JPI and KD5MSS.  Found out my antenna is no longer pointed where I though 
it was, by about 15 degrees.  Next pass I corrected for the offset and had 
really strong signals, but had the entire bird to myself.  Where'd everybody 

Greg  KO6TH

>Well, I thought I had my "S" band downlink done and ready to try on AO-51 
>this week but....on an >overhead pass, I heard nothing last night. What I 
>do hear is my uplink splattering the downlink. I >have never used a 
>downconverter before, should I hear splatter from my 2 meter uplink? This 
>does >not seem right to me. I have a correct power inserter with an att. to 
>kill some of the gain of the dish >(K5GNA). The antenna and dish are on 
>opposite sides of the rotor about 5 feet apart. Any help >would be great.
>           Rob  KB2YCC --
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