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LVB TRacker2 help

Hi All,

 I am trying to convert my LVB Tracker to LVB Tracker 2, as described by 
Howard Long on his site: 
The old one was running just fine, but I want to be independent from the 
PC. After changing the PIC controller and programming it, the LCD 
display is showing the firmware release, 2.0a and the default locator, 
IO91vl. The problem is that, all I can do using the 4 buttons is to 
start tracking the first satellite from list, AO07. For that I have to 
press two times the "right" button and the tracking is started. During 
tracking only "up" button is active changing the information displayed, 
while "left" button will stop tracking and return to main menu.
    It seems that I am unable to change the default values for locator, 
time, to change the tracked satellite and to upload the new elements. 
Can anybody help me with more informations about operating LVB tracker 2?

    All sugestions gratefully received!


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