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QFH feeder ?

Hello AMSATs

 I read 2 different articles about the half-turn / half-wavelength QFH.
However I noticed that, the first article described that the "feeder"
becomes from the down part of SMALL loop, while in the second article the
feeder becomes from the down part of  BIG loop!
(Both designs use the "infinite balun" technique.)

 Both articles have equal Loops (L-Big=0.26 Lampda , L-Small=0.238 Lampda),
but the
Vertical Lenght is exactly the opposite between BIG & Small loops.

 I wonder... is it the same ???

 I made few months ago my 1st QFH-antenna (UHF) following the first article
and now I'm thinking if that is right or not !

 Any comment is welcome.

73, Mak SV1BSX


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