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The Mystery RS-25 Satellite??

A couple of us are trying to understand what satellite is signing "RS-25."
Perhaps someone on the thread can shed some light on the "mystery."

Some background...

Mozhayets-4 (aka RS-22) had been transmitting on 435.325 with a CW telemetry
format and a strong signal. Prior to the SSETI launch it appears to have
been turned off.

After the SSETI launch, many of us tracked another strong signal on 435.325
which was believed to be the Mozhayets-5 satellite which never left the
launch adapter and is supposed to be traveling with SAFIR-S/RUBIN which was
designed to stay on the launch adapter.

The SAFIR-S team expects to turn on their interesting 2401.9 beacon when the
battery situation stabilizes (an issue caused by Mozhayets-5 remaining and
blocking some solar cells)

For awhile it was assumed that the RS-25 signal was coming from Mozhayets-5
and we could use its CW beacon to confirm visibility to SAFIR-S and use it
as a tracking aid.

But as time has passed and the satellites in the "train" are separating, it
has been confirmed by several that the RS-25 signal AOS and LOS are
occurring during the same keps for the BEIJING-1 and SIHAH satellites which
appear to traveling together at the head of the SSETI "train", a good 25
minutes before the Mozhayets-5 keps.

So either the identification of the satellite positions is way off or we
have another satellite up there using 435.325 which has not yet been

Can anyone offer us some guidance. What have we missed??

Regards and thanks....Bill - N6GHz
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