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TrakBox Help Needed or advise on USB Sat Controller

I am trying to get my old A0_13 station back on the air and find myself
in the same boat as most with a KCT card and a computer without an ISA
I did pickup a used TrakBox several years ago and am trying to get it to
talk with my computer via RS232.
The TrakBox will control my G5400 fine in stand alone mode but of
course, the keps and time are way off.
I did download a version of the TBU (Trak Box Updater) software but find
that it does not want to run without the freq.dat file.
Even though I managed to put this file in the path directory, WINXP
tells me that it cannot access that file.
Is there anyone out there uses this unit on a regular basis that can
shed some light on this?
If not, I would be curious in hearing comments about which USB based
controller to get.
SATPC32 does an excellent job of controlling the FT-847 doppler so rotor
control is the important issue.
(Does NOVA not control Doppler?)
Thanks,..Peter VA3PK
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