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I saw the ISS and heard Bill Mc Athur talking!

Hello All,

Wednesday was the ISS UK school contact.
I was outside with my handheld and I also could
see the ISS in the sky like a fast flying -
bright star and hear astronaut Bill Mc Athur
answering questions to a school in UK.
I also have anounced the visible pass here
to amateurs in Holland (via news groups).
So many amateurs also have observed the ISS
outside with their handhelds and even a
amateur was in his car (with transceiver) and
he also could hear (and see) the Space Station!
Bill did not answered all questions cause
he took much time for some questions.
But nevermind cause these where very intresting
answers (the event was successful!).
Inside my house I was recording the conversation
via my satellite ham equipment.
You can download a recording from my website.
My website is on a new server (it's under construction!).

73's Cor PD0RKC
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