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Re: Software for the suitsat SSTV signal

Hi Mark,
here is a resend of a message posted a few weeks ago.

the down link from SuitSat will be 145.990 FM.
No uplink.
SSTV mode will be Robot-36.

There are many applications available for decoding

Start getting ready now, because it could be
activated in december 2005


ISS Amateur Radio Status: November 2, 2005 

Slow Scan TV from ISS in 5 weeks?

By Miles Mann WF1F,

MAREX-MG News	www.marexmg.org

Manned Amateur Radio Experiment

Hi everyone:

Note to SAREX and AMSAT-BB.
Since the SuitSat project encompasses both a Free
floating unmanned satellite and is being hand launched
from a Manned satellite, there will be some double
postings regarding the SuitSat project on both the
SAREX and AMSAT-BB mailing lists.

If you are not currently on the SAREX list, you may
want to check the AMSAT link to sign up for both so
you do not miss the additional projects coming this
year, and early 2006.


SuitSat, Slow Scan TV from ISS in 5 weeks?

Slow Scan TV from the SuitSat project, launched from
the International Space Station, may be activated in
as little as 5 weeks.  Note:  All dates are subject to

At the present time there are tentative plans to have
a Space Walk (EVA) taking place from ISS sometime
around December 8, 2005.  It is possible that during
this Space Walk, the ISS crew may “Hand” launch the
ARISS SuitSat project during that EVA mission.  Again,
all date are subject to last minute changes.  Please
Keep monitoring the ARISS and AMSAT web pages for more

The SuitSat project is a free floating Unmanned
satellite that will be running on Batteries Only!  The
life span of the project will be limited to the power
in the batteries.  SuitSat may last as little as 1
week or as long as 6 weeks.  So it is very important
for you to get your satellite monitoring station ready
now.  You should not wait for the Official activation
date, because you may miss the opportunity to hear the
new bird.

I will keep posting updated links for the SuitSat
project as they become available.

SuitSat Specific links

"SuitSat," New ARISS SSTV Gear Arrives at
International Space Station

SSTV details:
The SuitSat project will transmit, Telemetry,
Pre-Recorded Voice messages and one SSTV image.  The
whole process will repeat approximately every 9
 (Robot 36 format).

All transmissions will be in FM mode and will be on
the 2-meter amateur radio satellite band. The current
frequency for SuitSat is 145.990 FM Downlink only
(There is no uplink for this satellite).  This means
that the Doppler frequency drift will not be much of a
problem and you will be able to use your existing
2-meter station or a police scanner to hear and decode
the signals SuitSat.

If you have already have been successful in working
the Packet station or talked to the ISS crew on
2-meter voice, than you already have most of what you
What’s left is to connect your computer to the speaker
of your radio and some SSTV decoding software, such as
ChromaPix http://www.barberdsp.com/ or similar

So have fun, find your best setup and start practicing
how to decode SSTV on 2-meters.

Slow Scan TV Decoding Software
Here are just two of the many Share-Ware SSTV
applications on the market.  There may be many more.

W95SSTV by Silicon Pixels


There are also many High quality pay software
applications that offer many more features, such as
multiple windows that allow your to simultaneously
receive an image while preparing your next image that
you want to transmit.


What is Slow Scan TV:
On this web page you will find many links to  help you
learn more about Slow Scan TV

Tips on how to use ISS, SSTV, Packet and Voice

Location of Hardware on ISS
This link will show you images of some of the amateur
radio hardware already installed on ISS 

Marexmg Web page

73 Miles WF1F MAREX-MG

Until we meet again

--- Breakey Mark <kb7rhi@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Can you review what equipment is required for the
> suitsat SSTV decoding.  I volunteer at a local high
> school and this would be an awesome demo to show the
> kids.  I just renewed my membership today after it
> had
> lapsed, I have had no time for the birds this summer
> and I am ready to get back in to it.  Also, I have
> never been able to use the software I purchased at
> Dayton in 2004 for tracking satellites.  I currently
> have an FT-897 radio, a KPC 3+ modem and various
> antennas. (Elk and Arrow).
> Mark
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