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OSCAR numbers

>>> "Graham Shirville" <g.shirville@btinternet.com> 
>I am deighted to ... report that... SSETI has been 
>given the designation Express OSCAR 53.

Congratulations!  It is well diserved!

It is always good to see the OSCAR numbers 
increase showing the amount of amateur radio
accomplishments in space over the last 44 years.

Interestingly, we were a little surprised and 
disappointed that AMSAT denied an OSCAR number 
for PCSAT2 because it is physically attached to 
the ISS even though it is completely self contained 
and self sufficent.

The only reason it is attached is so that we can
bring it back after 1 year of space exposure to
evaluate the effects of space on solar cells.
We were looking forward to being the first OSCAR 
ever returned to Earth and still working. 


>and Neil's acknowledgement email... really says it all.
>"On behalf of the SSETI Express team I'd like to 
>thank you and the Board for granting SSETI Express 
>an OSCAR number....
>Your recognition of our efforts is much appreciated 
>and a real landmark in the cooperation between 
>the SSETI community and the Amateur Radio 
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