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SSETI/CubeSat TLEs vs. reception observations

Space-Track TLEs available this morning associate UWE-1 with Object-C and 
Xi-V with Object-F.  This information agrees with our recent collective 
observations and both CubeSat primary ground stations concur.

For the first time (I have noticed) Space-Track is posting RCS data (Radar 
Cross Section).  There is a substantial difference in RCS values between 
larger payloads (as they are making the matches), BEIJING-1, TOPSAT and 
SINAH-1, vs. SSETI Express and two CubeSats vs. MOZ.5/SAFIR/RUBIN-5/SL-8 
including RS-25.

Now the problem.  The much larger RCS data for 
MOZ.5/SAFIR/RUBIN-5/SL-8/RS-25 is associated with Object-G (previously 
called Object-J) which is at the back of the train.  Our recent collective 
observations firmly associate RS-25 with either Object-A or -D (too close to 
resolve) which are at the front of the train.

Something is clearly wrong.

My only constructive thought:  RS-25 (and therefore MOZ.5) are -not- part of 
the spent 3rd stage.

TNX es 73 de Ralph Wallio, W0RPK
Hubbert's Peak - The Mother of all Perfect Storms
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