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CW signal just heard.

Whilst turning the beam to listen for the recent AO-27 pass
here in the UK, I head a CW beacon, with Doppler, to
the north east of IO80sm, Portland, Dorset.

My guess is it was travelling east to west.

I wasn't quick enough decode it with the 2232, or get
a recorder set-up.

The only frequencies I can see that are near this one
are CUTE and XI-IV.

AO-27 was a high pass from south east to north west.
FO-20 was also on a high pass but it's beacon frequency
is on 435.795+-

Did anyone else note this one ?
Has something else sprung in to life ?
I am using Wisp and KCT and the tracking list is full.
I cant think of anything that might be working.


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