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SSETI Express is now Express OSCAR XO-53

I delighted to be able to report that, following a formal request from the
SSETI Express Project Manager Neil Melville earlier this month, the SSETI
Express satellite has been given the designation Express OSCAR 53.

The whole Express team is of course delighted at the award of this designation
and Neil's acknowledgement email to Bill Tynan today really says it all.

"On behalf of the SSETI Express team I'd like to thank you and the Board for
granting SSETI Express an OSCAR number.

As you are no doubt aware XO-53, to use its new designation, has some
significant problems right now.  However, we remain vigilant and hopeful,
perhaps it can be recovered.

Your recognition of our efforts is much appreciated and a real landmark in
the cooperation between the SSETI community and the Amateur Radio community.
Long may this cooperation continue!"

Analysis of the actual cause of present problems is continuing at a number of
centres and a full review will take place a full meeting at ESTEC later this
month. It is expected that more information will be available after that.

In the meantime a number of automated groundstations have been setup in Europe
to listen for Express on 437.250 MHz on every pass but valid reception reports
from amateurs around the world would of course be very very welcome! Reports
should be emailed to missioncontrol@sseti.net and if you do hear it first we
can promise you a bigger prize than just a special T shirt!

We believe that there is a small but finite chance of recovery so your efforts
could be very worthwhile.

best 73 and thanks for the great support that Express has had from everyone!

Graham G3VZV
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