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Re: SAFIR-S / RUBIN-5: Activation possible

In a message dated 10/11/2005 10:59:53 GMT Standard Time,  
oliver.amend@gmx.de writes:

SAFIR-S  is a S-Band beacon (Downlink Only).
The beacon information consists of a  10-15 sec FM speech message,
followed by several transmissions of 9k6 FSK  AX.25 packets.
Carrier frequency is 2401,9 MHz, same as for SSETI  Express.

Thank you Oliver.
Sorry for your problems with separation.
3 Thoughts:
1) Have you received any data from Safir-S indicating that the onboard  clock 
is running and correct.  This would assist in monitoring the  satellite on 
appropriate passes.
2) Can you tell us what power and antenna the staellite is using on S-band?  
That will tell us what groundstation system will be needed.
3) The frequency for Safir-S is given as 2401.900.  "the same  as Express"    
But the S Band transmitter on  SSETI Express is 2401.835.
Can you confirm which frequency is correct.
For general information: S Band on Express is not likely to be heard  
randomly as it's default setting is 'off'  and it needs to be commanded on  from the 
groundstation. If any signal is heard from Express it will be from the  
primary UHF system.
David   G0MRF
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