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cubesat train

For what it's worth, if anything...
Been crunching numbers again for curiosity...

catal  ident   name     obj  mm:ss time from prev object max el
28890  05043A  Beijing  --A   0:00   start of train passage
28893  05043D  Sinah    A-D    :04   still only 4 second gap
28891  05043B  TopSat   D-B   4:46
28894  05043E  SSETI-E  B-E   2:09
28895  05043F  Xi-V     E-F   1:28
28892  05043C  UWE-1    F-C    :47   still less than a minute
28898  05043G  RS-25    C-G  12:04   take a short nap while waiting

The "A" object ident is normally assigned to the primary payload.
The "D" object remains surprisingly close behind "A".
Is anyone still hearing RS-25 when "A" & "D" are passing?
If RS-25 is part of "G" there would be a long delay from "A"&"D".

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