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Icom IC-R7000 38k4 help request

Has anyone successfully used an ICOM IC-R7000 receiver to receive 38k4
FSK packet? I've been trying unsuccessfully for a couple of days now and
would appreciate some help.
I have successfully used the R7000 to receive 9600 FSK packet by tapping
the NFM discriminator and feeding it into either the PacComm Spirit-2 or
I then configured the Spirit-2 for 38k4 Satellite mode and tested the
38k4 modem using an AO-51 38k4 audio test file that Mark N8MH put up on
the web some time ago and the modem worked fine. Thanks for the test
file Mark!
Next I moved the tap on the R7000 to the Wide FM discriminator output
but so far have been unable to get the DCD light on the Spirit-2 to even
flicker. To ensure that I have enough signal to work with I added a
second pre-amp in front of the R7000 and currently get about a 4 S-unit
signal to noise ratio on the R7000's S-Meter. The no-signal S-Meter
reads S2. The WFM bandpass filters are 150kHz wide in the R7000 so this
may be part of the problem but I would think that the DCD light would at
least flicker once in a while. 
Before I get some narrower filters to try perhaps someone here has some
experience they would be willing to share.
Another approach would be to purchase the Symek IFD receiver and connect
it to the 10.7MHz IF of the R7000. If anyone on the list has done this
I'd appreciate hearing your comments as well.
Lastly I wonder if anyone has homebrewed a 10.7MHz 38k4 receiver. I
didn't find any references while searching the web.
Thank you and 73,
Steve Holly, WI2W
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