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RE: Satellite modes (Was - Hamsat or VO-52 Modes)

At 07:22 AM 11/8/2005, RANSOM, KENNETH G. (JSC-OC) (BAR) wrote:
>  Pat,
>Could you expand on this comment?
>"May I recommend for the future that satellite designers use VHF or lower
>frequency downlinks instead of UHF and above so it is easier to receive
>without the higher path loss. "
>I'm trying to decide if you are wanting less Doppler all the way around by
>moving every thing to lower frequencies (A/v or V/a) or if you would rather
>have less Doppler on the receive and have to deal with it on the transmit
>(U/v) instead of less Doppler on the transmit and more on the receive (V/u)
>as is the convention now.

 From my experience, the biggest problem, especially on FM birds is 
that new sat users have trouble hearing the downlink.  Reversing the 
frequencies (U/V instead of V/U) would go a long way towards 
minimising these issues.   Another issue is the amount of pirate 
activity in some parts of the world really clobbers 2m uplinks. :-(

73 de VK3JED
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