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Re: Speaking of NOVA & SatPC32

>2 questions:

>What is the best doppler correction progam to use with NOVA?

SatPC32. Seriously.

>Does SatPC32 require the PC parallel port for rotor control?

No. In my setup I run the rotor through a USB to serial adapter, and the rig control through the one real serial port. Never crashes, never hangs, and I never fear downloading an upgrade.

I only have 2 wishes for SatPC32. It'd be really nifty to have a slightly better map than there is now, as that is the only point that Nove really shines on. I'd also like to see a fast forward for the display, like IT and Nova have. This may be there and I just haven't discovered it yet. Other than that, SatPC32 is superior in every way that matters to me.

73, Drew KO4MA
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