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Hamsat or VO-52 Modes

Greetings to the group

Regarding Hamsat:

It is my understanding that the indians use FM on their satellite partly
because of the availability and economy of equipment.

I have been using SSB as originally recommended on this BBS.

Hamsat is greatly underutilised around north america. Many times, I call
CQ for an entire pass with no responses.

Are there any specific laws or rules which prevent us from using FM on
this satellite?

It is Mode U/V with a fantastic VHF downlink which is easy to recieve.

This would make it an ideal beginners satellite!

May I recommend for the future that satellite designers use VHF or lower
frequency downlinks instead of UHF and above so it is easier to recieve
without the higher path loss. 

Its interesting to be technically proficient with station design and
assembly with more difficult satellites but I'm more interested in the
actual contacts through the satellites.

Thanks again to the indians for a fine satellite.

Thanks in advance for replies, 73, pat N2OEQ 32323
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