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Hello All,

The last time AO-51 was in 70 CM, 38.4k data downlink mode, I copied some
telemetry from it using the Symek TNC3S and ICOM IC-PCR1000 successfully.
During that time, I tuned the doppler manually using the supplied software
with the IC-PCR1000 and set the filter to FM mode, 50 KHz.

However, for my everyday satellite tracking operation, I use WISP together
with WISPDDE.  WISPDDE is now configured to control my ICOM IC-910H, Yaesu
FT-847 and Yaesu GS-232B/G-5500 rotator.  This is working perfectly without
any problems.  

I understand that WISPDDE has support for the IC-PCR1000 and would like to
try it out.  However, although the radio powers up, no sound comes out from
the speaker (volume is off) and I am not sure how to set the 50 KHz filter
as required for 38.4k data downlink.  I would be glad if some one can advice
me, most importantly how do I configure WISPDDE to select the 50 KHz filter,
and if possible, how do I control the volume of the receiver.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Sion Chow Q. C.,
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