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Heard Cubesat XI-V passing west of New Zealand

Not really big news, but I've finally heard one of the SSETI Express and
Cubesat birds:

I copied XI-V passing out to the West of New Zealand early afternoon local
time (about 00:25 UTC).

It was about 20 to 30 degrees elev., so a good pass to track, rather than
too high overhead which moves too fast!

Clean and clear CW, but I did not record any if it, and can't read that
stuff by ear anyway.

Was on 437.465 +/- doppler, and for CW, it moved fast compaired to what I'm
used to on FM with AO-51 etc.

For the record, www.space-track.org is claiming:

	#28892 is XI-V

	#28894 is SSETI Express

	#28895 is UWE-1

Of course I can't confirm that, but there it is for what its worth.

I won't post the keps here as Space-Track seems to have an issue with that.
However, if you have access to the keps from somehwere, the above might help
match the data up.

Jim Towler, ZL1TYF
New Zealand
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