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RE: Towards a true international AMSAT


Last time, dernière fois...

Cette sujet est mort, a mon avis.

J'ai été Québecois moi-même, et il ne faut pas que tu me dit qu'il y a deux
langues dans le Canada.  Si le Québec a respecté les deux langues également
dans les années depuis 1970, il n'y a pas necessaire de me quitte dans 1975.

My French is rusty, and 30 years old, but I'm sure you get my point.  I
tired to cut you a little slack...and now you say you reserve the right to
"report my commenting and source to the right tribune?"  I'll await the
subpoena from the language police.

Any further comments between us will be off-list, and I apologize in advance
to our American friends who will continue to witness this so long as our
friend Luc is allowed to remain on AMSAT's BB.  If you have to kick me off
too just to make it even...I'll fall on that sword to save the rest of you,
hi hi.

now...back to radio...

Brent Taylor, VE1JH
Doaktown, NB  FN66
6M VUCC #418, AMSAT #33576  

> Beyond the linguistic barrier i accept to jump over it just 
> to remind you in your own country there is two official 
> language if as you said  "Even discounting the translation 
> issue, I simply don't get it.It is more than linguistic, I'm 
> afraid". I reserved my rights to report your commenting and 
> source to the right tribune...
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