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Re: Towards a true international AMSAT

I would suggest that those interested in doing something or changing 
AMSAT run for office. Once elected, work towards change. If you are a 
member and you do not feel like running, get involved with one of the 
Vice President's on a project or committee that will further your 
desired outcome. If you are unable to run for office or help AMSAT, 
contact a board member and voice your opinion on how things should be done.

Having a debate over what you think is right and what you think is wrong 
is counter productive as you are having the discussion with the wrong 
people. If you had 1,000 members agree with you that something is right 
or something is wrong, it will not change how it will continue to be 
done unless the board knows and acts upon it. If enough people contact 
their board members and voice their opinion, things will get changed.


Not on the board and still helping AMSAT
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