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Towards a true international AMSAT

Dear Woody and Jim

I recongnized the author style and with this kind of direct insults i will be the first one to ask AMSAT to expelled you both from his rank's. I stopped here no need to go 
further away when dealing with that kind of hollow argumenting where the intelligence level is measured by the number of insults and named calling. Poor folks...Hum!

The cold war is finished since at least one decade at least!  Please show a minimum of respect to the others you are not alone on earth eg: Jim and Woody...

Why so much anger when we speak about making AMSAT-NA a real international organization? There is actually many Canadians and Mexicans in the AMSAT membership! Did you called 
them "idiots"? If there is a way to make them feel they are members of a great international group without changing the legal base of AMSAT this NA will become more than an 
identifier.  As i wrote there is no question here to change the actual AMSAT bylaws! What i'm suggesting it's to included amendments to recongnized the fact that AMSAT-NA is 
and should be a real international organization. Satellites goes over boundaries and countries i don't see any problems without changing the legal roots of AMSAT to try to 

Could be some dislike the word international!  fine but calling those who wants to promote friendship and international coperation "idiots" is surely not an AMSAT way. I 
cannot believe that as amateur radio-operators who communicate over North America we cannot have this normal recognition  in AMSAT bylaws. I'm asking for suggestions as i 
said to try to make AMSAT-NA "MORE INTERNATIONAL" If this idea was not actually in the minds of some BOD members it will be futile to even make this suggestion.

The idea that AMSAT is actually representing the interest of Canada, Mexico and the US came from the BOD what i'm suggesting is to find some sort of reconnaissance to this. 
Is it too much asking? personally i think not.

As you wrote Jim and i quote you on this:

"Seeing as how AMSAT-NA "is organized exclusively for scientific
purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to
organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section
501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954" "pursuant to the
District of Columbia Non-profit Corporation Act" (quotes are from the
Articles of Incorporation), you are completely erroneous in your
assumption that AMSAT-NA is an international organization.  It is a US
corporation, whose members include people and/or societies in other

I agree completely with you that's why i quote this part of you message only to pointed out that some BOD members have actually a different opinion. They are convince that 
AMSAT is an international organization. That's why i issued this idea of making this a reality on paper. I respect your right to have a different point of view please try to 
do the same in faces of different opinions without calling each and every one idiots. You seems to be a grown man please govern yourself accordingly.

To concluded i always wrote it will be more and more essential that all the AMSAT'S became only one AMSAT with branch in each countries. The average age of AMSAT members is 
surely over 60 and there is no more new hams. Regrouping to be stronger will became urgent pretty soon. Why don't making some first steps before it was too late? here come my 

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583
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