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Re: SSETI Express Power Problems

Hello Graham,
this is really sad news and I really hope, that the bird come up again.. 
thanks anyway for this insight into the details.. this leads me however 
to a question, to which the answer might also be interesting to the 

> 7) During this time all the energy gathered by the solar panels was to be 
> dissipated within the spacecraft. Evidence strongly suggests that this 
> dissipation system failed by fusing on, therefore not allowing any energy to 
> charge the spacecraft batteries.

I read this such, that the Solar Panels are simply connected to 
resistors, to burn away the power. I assume, that this was done for 
thermal reasons? So with the resistors being paralleled to the main 
battery, they don't allow charge up as they consume too much power?

73s and good luck!

Achim, DH2VA
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