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Re: SSETI Express Power Problems

On 31 Oct 2005 at 14:36, GRAHAM SHIRVILLE wrote:

> 7) During this time all the energy gathered by the solar panels was to be dissipated within the spacecraft. Evidence strongly suggests that this dissipation system failed 
by fusing on, therefore not allowing any energy to charge the spacecraft batteries.
> 8) The battery charge steadily declined during the mission, causing the spacecraft to enter safe mode after approximately 6.5 hours, and eventually shutting it down 
> The outlook:
> 9) Careful analysis of the data received, coupled with ground-based computer simulations and hardware tests, strongly support the proposed theory of a specific component 
failure in the excess power dissipation system.

As i wrote in a last week post (October 28 1705)  "and five 'thumb's up" for the SSETI team's that's more than the results who count the trying's make you great! 

It sad to see what's looks like the replay of AO-40 batteries VS power problems. I was referring to this in my post (unclearly for some...) to this sad trend. UO-11 is still 
on after decades what they do in those years that we don't do today? My only hope is that the AMSAT teems takes notes of this event and as i already wrote " my only hope is 
that AMSAT-NA will not follow the same trend.."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583
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