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Re: UWE-1 heard in New Zealand 00:17 to 00:22z 30th Oct05

Thank you very much! What you have heard is a valid packet from UWE-1. It is
sent once in a while, when the battery status is checked and the charging
procedure is changed (in this case the satellite just started charging the
2nd battery). This packet is longer than a standard beacon, as it contains
more information.
Thanks again for your efforts!

Best wishes,

P.S.: For all:
UWE-1 does not send any Morse code. If somebody receives Morse code, it is
highly probable that it comes from N-Cube or XI-V. Please inform them in
this case.

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Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2005 1:50 AM
Subject: UWE-1 heard in New Zealand 00:17 to 00:22z 30th Oct05

Dear Radu,
Attached are two files from the same packet I decoded. One has 64 bytes,
the other 71. (Not too sure what is the difference.)

I started listenening at the AOS time of 00:08, but heard nothing until
about 00:17:47z when I heard the first packet. The only packet to decode
was at 00:18:47z (the logged time from Alogger was about 30 seconds
fast). The signal indicated S7 compared to the residual noise level of S1.
I then heard packets every minute with just a blip at 00:20:12, but full
lenght packets at 00:20:46, 00:21:47, (S6 but no decode), and the last
dectectable signal was at 00:22:47 with S2 and this was past my LOS
time. I was using the Object D 28893 keps.

I have the signals recorded in a Wav file but it's about 16Mb and I'm on
a dialup connection.

The satellite would be in full sunlight.

The header with the time stamp was inserted by Alogger 2.03 which I use
with PCSAT2

!S 00:19:09 !DP0UWE>DD0UWE-9 <UI C>:S""%"{Xف{#

Glad to report some good news.
Ian Ashley ZL1AOX


!S 00:19:09 !DP0UWE>DD0UWE-9 <UI C>:S""%"{Xف{#


> 00:01:11 0 PPH 0.00 PPS 0.00 BPS,0.00
> 0 PPM 0.00 PPS 0.00 BPS,0.00
> 0 PPM 0.00 PPS 0.00 BPS,0.00
> 0 PPM 0.00 PPS 0.00 BPS,0.00
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