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SSETI Express over West Malaysia at 1518Z

Hello All, 

Just had a 28 degree elevation pass of SSETI express.

Unfortunately, nothing was heard from SSETI on 437.250 +/-.  I also listened
out for XI-V and UWE-1 on 437.465 +/- CW and 437.505 +/- FM respectively.

XI-V was heard with a reasonable good signal.  It's really amazing how well
0.08 watts works. Hi.  I have recorded this pass.  I spent about 2 minutes
listening to UWE-1 but nothing heard.  Maybe I should have waited longer.

N-Cube2 was not heard on 437.305 +/-.  The suspected RS-25 was heard on
435.325 +/-.  Since I just installed the 8 turn S band helix this evening, I
tried listening to Safir-S (Is this launched at the same position with
SSETI???) on 2401.900 +/- but nothing heard.

Does anyone knows if the SSB-UEK3000 2M if downconverter covers the 2407.250
downlink of N-Cube2?

There will be another pass at 1655Z and will report any findings again.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Sion Chow Q. C.,
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