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Re: SSETI UK Pass 10.42UTC

Right, as I expected.  When I saw the Voltage numbers in the "dropped 
dead" telemetry I became very worried and only hoped it was a sensor.

FINGERS CROSSED!! and safe home.


Graham Shirville wrote:

> Hi Charlie,
> Thanks for the report.
> I am at Moscow airport on the way home now.
> We have not heard anything from Express on UHF since last night when 
> the telemetry seemed to indicate a very negative power budget.
> If it does not recover then it will be a sad end to wonderful mission.
> We are planning to try to try a blind command of the satellite into S 
> band on mode - maybe on a Sunday am pass - would you be able/willing 
> to join in having a listen for it? 8:50 or 10:30 local and GMT would 
> be the passes that would also be covered by the command station in 
> Aalborg.
> cheers
> graham

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