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SSETI Express UK Pass Times for Friday + Cubesat Frequencies

SSETI Express can be heard on Friday 28th October at the following times 
(add one hour for BST). Listen on 437.250 MHz +/- 10 kHz doppler the 
satellite produces a 9k6 data bursts every 18 secs. There is also a 38k4 
beacon on 2401.835MHz which I understand not currently activated.

Times are in UTC.

Date: 28/10/05

Time:	01.10	Duration:	11min	AZ: 293N	(Little Chance)
Time:	02.50	Duration:	<2min	AZ: 330N	(No Chance)
Time:	07.31	Duration:	9min	AZ: 41N	(Poor)
Time:	09.05	Duration:	13min	AZ: 64N	(Good)
Time:	10.42	Duration:	13min	AZ: 263N	(Good)
Time:	12.24	Duration:	7min	AZ: 283N	(No Chance)
Time:	20.58	Duration:	7min	AZ: 84N	(No Chance)
Time:	22.34	Duration:	13min	AZ: 132N	(Good)

These prediction were provided by David G8OQW

SSETI Express released 3 Cubesats they are in a similar orbit to SSETI 

XI-V on 437.345 MHz using 1200 baud FSK with CW on 436.465 MHz, the easiest 
to receive

NCUBE2 on 437.305 only transmits every 2 minutes.

UWE-1 on 437.505 running 9K6 FSK only transmits a 1 second burst every 

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