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SSETI1 Over California 2000 GMT

SSETI copied in Northern California again in the SAFE mode but with still
strong signals during the 2000 GMT (1300 PDST) low horizon pass. Still using
the vertical ground plane.

Listened for NCUBE2 on 437.305 but not heard. This one will be very tricky
since it transmits every 2 minutes (but with 1.5 watts). The folks in Norway
haven't heard it yet (last I heard).

Gave a brief listen for UWE-1 on 437.505 but I may have waited too long into
the pass and didn't hear it. Its running 9K6 FSK but again very tricky since
its a 1 second burst every minute (or so I understand)

I would appreciate any updates from NCUBE2 and UWE-1 folks to make sure I
have the information correct.

Regards...Bill - N6GHz
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