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RE: Re: SSETI Express Streaming Video


More stats on the streaming video (in case you were thinking of trying this
at home).

We had a total of 658 folks streaming, with 662 peak connections. A total of
over 2,000 different IP addresses attempted connection during the feed. A
total of 50G bytes of data was transferred.

I was unable to get back into my home QTH this morning to switch off the
feed due to the state visit of the Norwegian Royal Family who were visitng
the Science Museum across the road from me. Two hours after the end of the
broadcast there were still over 100 folks streaming the test card!

I apologise if at times the quality was down - the line used for
distribution is normally only designed to carry up to 500 concurrent
streams. That's agregates to about 150 ADSL lines.

73, Howard G6LVB
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