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>From about 1058 to 1104 EST (1458-1504Z) I copied the pulse beacon from SSETI on 437.25 +/- doppler. Equipment was a Kenwood TH-F6A HT with a 19 inch rubber duck (MFJ-1717). At 1458 the signal broke the squelch on .255 while setting in my east facing 2nd story office window. I walked out to the parking lot and caught a few very louds cycles on .25, S-5 or so. The pattern repeated every 30 seconds until I'd tuned to .240 and the signal started to get scratchy. The squelch was turned off once outside.

I'll listen again in 90 minutes or so. Another lunchtime satellite!

73, Drew KO4MA 
Ozona, Florida, US

PS Graham, Since I didn't actually decode any date, I didn't forward to the command station. If you think it may be helpful, please feel free to do so. Have a good trip home.

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Yes it looks good to me but it may be in safe mode by now due to low battery 
voltage state - please expect to hear the pulse beacon which sounds a little 
like CW but it isnt!

The webserver is back up and you can download the software from 
 to decode the data and please please email directly to 


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