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Re: SSETI Signal

In a message dated 27/10/2005 12:26:49 GMT Standard Time,  
viktor.kudielka@ieee.org writes:

Hello  David and Graham,

I copied telemetry from 10:02:37 to 10:14:05, 36  blocks, but I have a big 
with the data.
Finally I merged the header  file with the data and tried to submit.
Now I get connection errors from  the TIDB when I connect from Mozilla on
my Linux system. And from my  notebook with Windows I can't even connect
to www.sseti.org . Very  difficult.

Vy 73, Viktor

Hello Viktor.
Yes, now the news is out the sseti.org site is very busy !
Another useful URL is that of the control station at Aalborg in  Denmark
I have forwarded your report from 08.30 this morning to missioncontrol( at  
I also copied Ian's data from ZL.  
I don't know if that's the appropriate action, but with the site so busy I  
can't check for the correct procedure, but thought they would rather have it  
than not.
Thanks for confirming good signals on the 10.04 - 10.18 pass. I must have  
had an O/C connector in my rush to set up the system here.
Still have to send your replies via the BB as ieee.org does not accept mail  
from AOL
Regards - and thanks for the excellent keps
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