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Re: SSETI Signal

In a message dated 27/10/2005 09:20:26 GMT Standard Time,  
viktor.kudielka@ieee.org writes:

First signals from SSETI at about 08:32:
[0]# listen -p kpc9612  -a
axconfig: port tnc3s not active
kpc9612: fm SSETI1 to UI ctl UI  pid=F0(Text) len 63 
0000  *.8www.sseti.net *  SSETI-Express........)...
Well done Viktor !
I have just returned from one of the Express launch parties at Imperial  
College London.
Nice event with the live feed from the launch site attended by a  good number 
of students and academics from the university. Nice presentation  on the aims 
and objectives of SSETI 
Heard bursts of data from while on the roof of the building with Howard  at 
around 08.35 but could not decode to confirm it was SSETI Express. The  signal 
however disappeared at the predicted LOS time.
Graham UA/G3VZV also confirms signals have been received from the  satellite.
However, no signals heard on the second pass at my home QTH. 10.04 -  10.18UTC
David  G0MRF
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