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TV rotator interface questions

Has anybody out there had any success in writing a Windows based application
to use Bob Bruniga's cheap TV rotator interface. There seemed to be some
discussion on it at one time and I was wondering if anything came of it.
Unfortunately I can work on the hardware end of computers but I know
absolutely zilch about programming. There is a DOS based APRS program that
will track the satellites with this system but I'm having trouble running it
with XP and I'd rather have something Windows based if possible.
 Another option I was looking into was to retrofit a position pot to a TV
rotator. There is a web page somewhere that shows how to do that but then I
have no idea how I could get one of the popular interfaces to run a 3 or 4
wire TV rotor. Aren't we talking AC motors on a TV rotator?
I will eventually have a Yaesu Az/EL system  but it will be sometime early
next year most likely and I'd like to have at least an automatic azimuth sytem
with the TV rotator I have as a stop gap measure.
Michael W4HIJ
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