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Re: S-band success

Hi Drew,

SSETI Express is not quite on the pad yet.

Its 22:30 here in Plesetsk at the moment and we are going out to the 
Cosmodrome again at 02:30 tomorrow to see the whole launch vehicle "roll 
out" of the building on a train.

Then at around 10:30 tomorrow we will be driven to the launch site and see 
the rocket being erected to the vertical position.

They start fuelling around 05:50 on Thursday and then the launch is about 
five hours later.

I believe that S band may be given a very quick check (over Europe)soon 
after launch so we should know by the end of the weekend about the health of 
the transponder configuration.

hopefully we may have the power budget to radiate a blank carrier on a 24/7 
basis until the 67Hz CTCSS tone on the uplink opens the squelch - but this 
is the perfect scenario and we dont yet know if we will reach that happy 
state of affairs!

Exciting times but the stress levels are building somewhat.....



> With SSETI almost literally sitting on the pad (or actually in the hole!) 
> all us S band Junkies are about to get a "daily driver" to play with.
> @amsat.org 
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