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Re: PCSAT2 Downlink question.

Note to self: Don't post stupid questions just after getting back  
from a long trip.

Thanks for the replies.

I checked my logs and I did manage to get some telemetry last night,  
but obviously not as much as it could have

I've modified my script to tune the radio every second now.

The passes this evening are before midnight, so I'll be able to keep  
an eye on the radio to see if its gone ahead or behind.

My plan is to modify the script further so that it can act as a PCSAT  
or any other satellite downlink when it is overhead, with priority  
being given to PCSAT2

de John

> During ealry and late parts of the pass maybe, but
> not in the middle.  With 20 KHz dopper over 10 mins
> thats 330 Hz per 10 sec average.  Wouldnt surprise me
> to be 1 KHz per 10 sec at the center of an overhead pass.

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