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Re: Yaesu Rotator schematics

At 05:51 PM 10/23/2005 -0400, Don Woodward wrote:

>OK, a closer look at it and you are right - it will operate, but you are
>blindly moving the motor with no feedback to your program -

Hi Don,

That is not how it works. It is a closed-loop control system
using feedback (from the rotor pots.) This is the basic way that
all automatic control systems operate.

The issue you are describing is the need for hysteresis and
damping in the feedback loop in order to prevent the rotors
from "hunting" or even oscillating if not designed correctly.

This is of course true whether you do the control loop in software or
in hardware. With a proper design, the motors are operated only
when necessary and this is exactly how my own Az/El system operates.

The major advantage of using a digital pot is that the cost
is really low (~$5) compared to the usual KCT card or GS-232 etc.

Tony AA2TX
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