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RE: SSB bird w/TS2K/SATPC32


RE: TS-2000x birdie. On my TS-2000x the birdie is S8 with the preamp ON
at 436.805 and S0 with the preamp off. It is possible to make AO-27 and
SO-50 contacts with this TS-2000x particularly during the second half of
the pass when Doppler shifts the received signal below 436.795. The
audio at the beginning of the pass is distorted but somewhat
intelligible. I have a preamp at the antenna and this helps the
signal/birdie ratio. Most of the time however I usually switch in my
R-7000 receiver when I work these Satellites. I use SatPC32 Doppler
control for the FM birds as well as the SSB/CW birds.

RE: Tuning

TS-2000x w/SatPC32 Full Doppler frequency control: I use the plus/minus
keys on the computer keyboard to fine tune/change the uplink frequency.
(+ - 10Hz steps on the main keyboard, + - 100Hz steps on the numeric
keypad) Once I'm satisfied with the pitch of my downlink audio I store
the corrected uplink frequency using SatPC32 menu CAT, Change/Store Data
File, Uplink Calibration. This applies the calibration to the
Doppler.SQF data file. It is best to perform this calibration with a
fresh set of KEPS and computer time sync with a time server. It is also
necessary to have an accurate latitude and longitude stored for your
location. Most of the time when operating the SSB/CW birds my downlink
signal is spot on when I first transmit. If it isn't, a couple of
presses on the plus/minus keys are required to correct the pitch of the
downlinked audio. When everything is working correctly and the person
you are in QSO with is also using Full Doppler Control it is possible to
have an AOS to LOS QSO without ever having to touch the tuning dial.
Magic at it's best! 

When NOT using the computer to control the radio I use the radio in
Satellite Mode with TRACE-R ON for AO-7, FO-29, and VO-52. The satellite
passband center frequency pairs are programmed in the TS-2000x's
Satellite memory locations. I use the RIT/SUB control knob to
adjust/fine tune  my transmit frequency and the main tuning knob to move
around the band. It is not necessary to disengage/engage the TRACE
function as the RIT/SUB control only affects the XMIT frequency. The
nice part about using the TRACE functionality is that while you are
tuning around looking for a CQ or a clear spot to call the XMIT and
RECEIVE frequencies maintain their correct passband relationship and
only a small uplink correction is required. This sure beats my old
two-radio practice of looking at a passband frequency table to figure
out where to XMIT for the chosen receive frequency. When operating this
way I try to use the convention of tuning the higher of the two passband
frequencies during a QSO. This minimizes QSO drift over the satellites

Very 73,
Steve, WI2W

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   I'm trying my TS-2000 on the birds as my 847 is pulling PC-ALE duty
I have a few questions for TS2K/SATPC32 users only. FM operation of
is effected by the birdie on 436.800 big time. I find the effected sat
only usable below 436.795 or so. I don't see how anyone can work it at 
436.800, or does a different birdie level exist in different TS2K? I'm 
seeing 30 over S9 with preamp off at 805. Where the birdie peaks.

  When I work SSB sats with my 847 if I hit VFO/M while in sat mode it
the tx frequency on the left side. This allows me to tweak the uplink to

center on my downlink. After I find my D/L I then set TRACK and I can
my U/L D/L pair up and down the passband. The beauty of this , is with 
SATPC32 the two are Doppler compensated for you, it's kinda like working
FM bird at that point, you might have to do minor touching up of the
, but your mostly chasing other stations signal's around with your
U/L D/L. My question is does anyone know how to do this with SATPC32 and

their TS2K? I'm having no luck here, I thought I might be missing
before attempting to apply a CAT correction pair in the software. I know

about trace, that's not the problem, trace allows me to manual tune
SATPC32 doppler compensation, or C-...

73 Jeff kb2m
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