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Re: Yaesu Rotator schematics

Dear Friends,

First of all, thank you to all who responded to my
request for a 5400/5600 schematic and for the many responses
I received! It is nice to know that there are so many fellow
hams who are willing to help.

I thought I would pass this suggestion from Jim Jerzycke
along as others might also benefit. This web site is
terrific in terms of the number of manuals it has online
(including the 5400/5600):



The reason I was looking for a schematic was to see if a simple
computer interface that I designed for the "Orbit 360" rotor
would work on the 5400/5600. This circuit has just a single chip,
an MCP41010 digital pot, that costs $1.59 at Jameco. I wrote a
driver for InstantTrack and have been using it for a few
days on an Az/El system and it works great.

The answer after looking at the 5400/5600 schematic is that
the same idea would work but you would use the MCP42010
($2.35 at Jameco) and you would need one more chip like an
LM339 ($.29 at Jameco.)

I do not have a 5400/5600 to test this. If anyone is
interested in experimenting, let me know.

73 and thanks again!
Tony AA2TX
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