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Re: Uni_Trac and Icom PCR1000 help needed

On Sat, 2005-10-22 at 19:11 -0400, Bob DeVarney W1ICW wrote:
> Can someone give me some advice on getting my Icom PCR1000 working under
> Uni_Trac? I know it's radio number 34, but what baud rate? I haven't been able
> to get Uni_Trac to go past "Stop statement encountered" and I haven't been
> prompted with the eeprom backup statement described in the Uni_Trac manual.
> Any ideas??
> TIA, Bob W1ICW

Don (KD4APP) replies ...

I'm using 57,600 for the baud on mine.  

Be sure you also have the correct "Downlink Radio Port" - I'm using "4"
on my Uni_Trac.  

Finally make sure the Downlink Mode is correct - example "USB,6K" or
"FM,15K" etc.

If I recall the first time you successfully use the PCR-1000 the
Uni_Trac will present the "EPROM backup statement".

Also be sure to get the newest Uni_Trac 2003 version, as the volume was
muted initially on the older releases - if you have an older version
just move the software volume control manually on the passes.


Don Woodward
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