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Re: 140 ft dish on 1.2 EME, update

Hi aspiring eme'rs!

The information on the OVRO operation (under callsign W6IFE) has been
shared on the MoonNet e-mail reflector.  For everyone's information the
ARRL EME Contest starts at 0000 utc 10/22 (Saturday) and goes until 2400
10/23.  Of course one can not operate when the Moon is not up, anymore than
one can operate satellites until they rise.  I checked my MoonSked program
and it shows the Moon comes up for OVRO at ~0400 utc.  I suppose other
considerations and maybe local horizon limits when the Moon is visible for
them (they are in the valley east of the Sierra's in CA).  If you are using
a tracking program that includes the Moon, plug in the grid DM07uf for when
OVRO will have the Moon.

Here is their lastest post:

"Hello All from OVRO at DM07uf, 
After some frustration and a few problems we worked about 30 stations on CW 
and SSB on the first run. We will be on again later tonight (local Saturday) 
Unfortunately we had difficulty with the 10ghz transverter, but think it to 
be a relatively simple problem that will be fixed for the next weekend. 
Many thanks to all who made this project possible, especially Chuck 
Swedbloom, WA6EXV. 
de W6IFE 
Doug K6JEY, Dennis WA6NIA and Rich KG6JKJ"

This means they will be back on tonight but not Sunday night (local time in
the USA) as the contest is over at 2400 utc (5 pm PDST, 8pm EDST).  I
suspect they will stop before then to dismantle the equipment and travel
back home for another workweek!  I believe Owen's Valley is something like
250-miles north of LA.

I think VE3ONT was more like 20+ years ago!

See My website for a program that analyses your station for working OVRO
(mostly I address 10-GHz eme but the program works from 1296-10 GHz.  See
signature line way down on the bottom----
73's Ed  KL7UW
PS:  I looked for their signal last night using my stacked 45-loop yagis
and did not see anything on Spectran or hear anything.  Working on my 2.4m
dish but wx and too much left to do will likely cuase me to miss them this
time.  They have permission to use the dish several more times so do not
dispair if not ready this weekend.

At 11:03 AM 10/22/2005 -0400, Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:
>Hi Mark, Dee, and all. Here is an update from the OVRO guys with a little
clearer info on times. Good Luck!
>73, Drew KO4MA
>>W6IFE will be on the 40m dish at OVRO this weekend and the next 
>>weekend of the ARRL EME contest. We have Internet at the site, but, 
>>of course will not take schedules. We will be on 1296.025 listening 
>>plus or minus 5Khz. Our moon window starts at 0530z on UT Saturday. 
>>We will post the results on Moon Net. QSL's and reception reports to K6JEY.
>>	We hope to map the moon at 10ghz and after that will have a special 
>>weekend of 10ghz activity. (30 watts) We will announce it later. We 
>>should be able to work stations with 4' dishes, perhaps 2' and 10-20 watts.
>>	Thanks,
>>		Doug K6JEY
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>He says below 10:30pm PST this weekend.  Thats both Friday Saturday and 
>Sunday nites? I missed last nite, but would really like to try 
>listening!  Last big dish was VE3ONT I think 10 years ago I think. And I 
>heard them.
>Thanks, Mark, Ku7z
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