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SSB bird w/TS2K/SATPC32

   I'm trying my TS-2000 on the birds as my 847 is pulling PC-ALE duty 24/7. 
I have a few questions for TS2K/SATPC32 users only. FM operation of course 
is effected by the birdie on 436.800 big time. I find the effected sat is 
only usable below 436.795 or so. I don't see how anyone can work it at 
436.800, or does a different birdie level exist in different TS2K? I'm 
seeing 30 over S9 with preamp off at 805. Where the birdie peaks.

  When I work SSB sats with my 847 if I hit VFO/M while in sat mode it puts 
the tx frequency on the left side. This allows me to tweak the uplink to 
center on my downlink. After I find my D/L I then set TRACK and I can move 
my U/L D/L pair up and down the passband. The beauty of this , is with 
SATPC32 the two are Doppler compensated for you, it's kinda like working an 
FM bird at that point, you might have to do minor touching up of the Doppler 
, but your mostly chasing other stations signal's around with your tracked 
U/L D/L. My question is does anyone know how to do this with SATPC32 and 
their TS2K? I'm having no luck here, I thought I might be missing something, 
before attempting to apply a CAT correction pair in the software. I know 
about trace, that's not the problem, trace allows me to manual tune without 
SATPC32 doppler compensation, or C-...

73 Jeff kb2m
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