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Re: QST de W6IFE- OVRO Project

Yes, they will be on EME. It was obvious to me as soon as I saw "Lunar"
and 1296.025 instead of 1268/1269, but I guess it wasn't really too
clear. The OVRO project has been mentioned on -bb before also. Sorry for
the confusion. Drew

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From: Iain McFadyen
Sent: Oct 19, 2005 5:25 PM
To: Andrew Glasbrenner
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] QST de W6IFE- OVRO Project

There's some information missing from this email: Is it referring to EME?
Probably lots of people reading the previous message wondering which
satellite to look at, or whether the 140ft dish will be pointing
horizontal for terrestrial contacts! I had to research what contests are
on this weekend, and found a reference to EME... Iain

On 10/19/05, Andrew Glasbrenner <glasbrenner@mindspring.com> wrote:

  All you AO-40 L banders with dishes wake up! Here's a chance to use
  that gear this weekend.

  73, Drew KO4MA

  Subject: [Sbms] QST de W6IFE- OVRO Project

  Hello Lunar types,
  We are officially going to be on the air this weekend on
  1296.025Mhz. We will be using the 140 foot dish at the Owens Valley
  Radio Observatory and the club call of the San Bernardino Microwave
  Society, W6IFE. We will be on at about 10:30pm PST. I will make an
  announcement on these reflectors as soon as we are on, but take no
  schedules or use any assistance per the contest rules. We would also
  appreciate SWL reports as well. QSL to K6JEY at the callbook
  address.  We will be on CW and SSB running 60 watts or so.
  You can email me with any questions.
            &nb sp;    Doug K6JEY
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