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SSETI Express data competition.

Following last months delay to the launch of SSETI Express it  has been 
announced by the launch team, currently in Moscow, that the ESA  sponsored 
competition will have a new closing date of 1st Feb 2006. 
SSETI Express is scheduled to lift off from Plesetsk in northern Russia  on 
27th October at 06.52 UTC.  
The winner will be whoever submits the largest number of valid telemetry  
payload packets to SSETI Express Mission Control by 00:00 of 1 February  2006. 
The prize is an invitation to the three-day STEC06 (Space Technology  
Education Conference) conference and exhibition, to be held in Germany in spring  
2006, as well as a private visit and tour of ESA's Spacecraft Operations Centre  
(ESOC) near Darmstadt Germany. 
Full details are available at the SSETI Express mission pages. 
_Mission  Website_ (http://sseti.gte.tuwien.ac.at/WSW4/MOPWS/index.php)   
Thanks to Graham UA/G3VZV
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